Who We Are
The Santa Clara County After School Collaborative (SCCASC), formed in 2004, is a capacity building collaborative of community based organizations (CBOs), school district and site staff, local government, and concerned citizens who work, or have a stake in, public and privately funded after school programs.

Our Mission
The Santa Clara County After School Collaborative (SCCASC) is dedicated to the advancement of quality after school programs.

Key Objectives
To achieve that end, SCCASC has four key objectives around which Work Groups have formed:

High Quality Programs
After school provides a unique opportunity to develop young people’s academic and social skill sets through creative, hands-on expression. SCCASC provides a unique venue to learn about new and exciting resources and best practices that enhance program quality.

Some areas of particular interest include: obesity/physical fitness, nutrition, violence prevention, cultural competency, alignment to CA content standards, and the arts.

The High Quality Programs Task Force is responsible for:

  • New partner presentations
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Newsletters

Well Trained Workforce
The old adage is true – the quality of after school programs is only as good as its people. SCCASC members are committed to organizing resources so that all levels of staff have access to trainings and other professional development opportunities.

  • Since our inception, we have provided, or supported, over 100 training opportunities in our area.

The Training Task Force is responsible for:

  • Coordination of trainings
  • Job fairs
  • Meet and greet with colleges
  • Instructional Aide (IA) exam tutorial
  • Summer Job Share Program

A comprehensive training calendar that provides free or low cost staff development opportunities is updated and disseminated at each monthly meeting.

  • Training topics vary, but examples include: Homework/Tutoring, Behavior Guidance, Youth Development Basics, CPR/First Aid, Arts Education, Professionalism in the Workplace, and much more!

Public Policy and Advocacy
SCCASC provides an opportunity to learn about current and pending legislation that effect the after school field.

Members participate in the National Lights On! Campaign for after school and CalSAC’s Day on the Hill event, occurring annually in October and May respectively.

The Advocacy Task Force is responsible for:

  • May Challenge
  • Breakfast of Champions Event
  • Policy updates
  • Connection with other community-based collaboratives

Leadership Structure
Each Work Group is responsible for achieving goals outlined at the SCCASC yearly retreat in June. The Chairs of each of our four Work Groups constitute SCCASC’s Steering Committee. Appointments are voluntary. A one year commitment is required.

SCCASC is a membership-based collaborative. To join SCCASC, click here.  Join us!  Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month (September through June) 10am – 12 pm1922 the Alameda, 1st Floor San Jose, CA 95126 Click here for online map.

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